Doctor Omega

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TARANTINO: “I still don’t quite understand how – and J.J. can’t explain it to me and my editor [Fred Raskin] has tried to explain to me and I still don’t get it – about… something happened in the first movie that now kinda wiped the slate clean?
I don’t buy that. I don’t like it. I don’t appreciate it. F–k that. I don’t like that. I want the whole series to have happened! It just hasn’t happened yet. And Benedict Cumberbatch or whatever his name is, is not Khan. Khan is Khan. And I told JJ, ‘I don’t understand this, I don’t like it’ and he said, ‘Ignore it! Nobody likes it! I don’t understand it! Do whatever you want! If you want to do it the exact way it happened in the [original series], it can.'”