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    This was a good episode. We are introduced to the character of Enid, who is new to the school. She apparently appears in the later books of the series, but since I've only read the first book, this was my introduction to the character.

    Enid is more of a rebel than the other characters, having been kicked out of countless other magical schools, and in this episode, she nearly gets Mildred into a whole lot of trouble. (By the way, the failed potion test from the first book is Enid's fault in this version, which was a clever way of adapting that part of the story). I have a feeling that Enid's rebel attitude will have an effect on the other two protagonists of the story, including Maud, Mildred's best friend, who is a strict, "by the rules" student. If I'm predicting correctly, later episodes will probably have the main characters question whether it is always best to follow the rules of the world of magic, or to use common sense to decide what is right (some of the "rules" established in the previous episodes were very flawed, which gives me more reason to believe the show is setting up for a bit of rule breaking by the main characters).

    Oh, and Ethel was a jerk in this episode.

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