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    This episode takes a sillier approach than the previous episodes did, but still works well in the context of the series (and sometimes I need some comic relief in the shows and movies I watch, just for a bit of variety). Mildred fails an assignment give to her by Miss Gullet, and accidentally turns Ethel into a pig. Miss Hardbroom threatens Mildred with expulsion if she can't figure out how to do a proper transformation spell by the end of the day, and Mildred decides to run away, thinking she won't be successful in the spell. Before she can leave the school, Ethel transforms her into a frog out of revenge, and the rest of the episode focuses on Mildred's attempts to get help.

    Spoilers Ahead:

    Near the end of the first episode, Mildred got help from a frog in the pond that showed her how to make a potion to save the day. I though this was cheesy as heck, but in this episode, it is now revealed that the frog was a former teacher who was transformed by Miss Gullet so she could take his job. So, yeah. Twist villain.

    One thing bugged me about the ending of this episode, and that was that Miss Hardbroom still forces Mildred into learning a proper transformation spell in order to avoid expulsion for failing the assignment earlier. This is despite the fact that she knows full well that the teacher who gave her the failed assignment in the first place turned out to be an awful villain (who outright tried to murder the people who had been transformed into frogs), meaning that the assignment was invalid in the first place because it likely wasn't taught correctly anyway. This came off as a bit harsh even for the character (though I know similar things have happened in real life before), though luckily, the other teachers come to Mildred's defense and come up with a bullcrap reason for Mildred to avoid expulsion after she does fail to learn the spell (so I suppose those other teachers had the same idea I did).

    All in all, an enjoyable episode.

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