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    This is one of my favorite methods of re-imagining a cult classic franchise. This episode is directly based off of events from the first book (which was likely adapted into the 1998 TV series as well), but has a new twist. The Great Wizard, who has a lot of control over the world of magic, and apparently can change the rules as he sees fit, pays a visit to Cackle's Academy. But trouble abounds as someone has anonymously tipped him off to the numerous problems that have abounded since Mildred has enrolled in the school. As it turns out, an old villain has come back for revenge, in order to ruin Miss Cackle's reputation.

    I liked this episode. It was interesting seeing how Mildred's failure during the broomstick parade was adapted. In the book, Ethel deliberately casts a spell to mess Mildred up, out of revenge for Mildred turning her into a pig earlier. But in this version, Ethel actually had good intentions, and was manipulated by the villain.

    It's not a perfect episode. Mildred and her friends wrongly suspect Ethel of tipping off the Great Wizard and deliberately causing the problems in the school, and I thought this would have been a good opportunity to have the episode focus on how not to jump to conclusions and blame the first person who seems the most suspect. Unfortunately, the episode ditches this in favor of a bunch of gags. I guess I shouldn't expect much from a show for children, but it still would have been nice.

    I also wasn't satisfied with the way the Great Wizard ended up. He, like Miss Hardbroom (though he is much kinder than her), is racist, and judges Mildred due to her status as being descended from non-magical parents, going so far as to state she doesn't belong at the school. In the end, his racism isn't brought up again, and he simply drops all the charges against the school once he finds out who's really behind it all, without his racism being questioned at the end of the episode. I can only hope that later episodes approach this aspect of his character in more depth.

    Despite the flaws, I really enjoyed this episode.

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