Fun Your Favourite Films?


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I watched the movie speed up a bit.
Fantastic! Seriously you should start your own thread with this:

What (trashy) film would actually be better speeded up?

I'll bite - I avoided the Les Miserables film because I so passionately hate the stage show and then I heard they'd added an extra song to it into the bargain. I would be prepared, however, to watch the 10 minute version (actually I loved the Honest Trailer, so I mostly already have enjoyed the edited highlights version...)


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So the cable was out in my parent's living room last night, & I decided to stream a movie just to have something to watch w/out having to go upstairs. Shuffled through my Netflix list, & picked out Wyrmwood. It was my second time watching it in a while, but damn if it wasn't worth it. Highly recommend this one.


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The first 10 that come to mind...








JAWS 3 (1983)




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The Lion in Winter and not just because we're giving honourable mentions to Antony Hopkins. Is there a split-second of wasted screen time from beginning to end? And every time I watch it it gets funnier, and cleverer, and sadder.

Doc, DOC!!!! I went back up to give you a like and add how much I loved the collage- there's a whole rainy afternoon of trying to spot everything and everyone in it - but the Like option has disappeared....oh the horror!


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Is the 1998 Director's Cut of Close Encounters of the Third Kind overwhelmingly better than the 1977 theatrical release, which I remember as quite possibly the hugest letdown of any film I have ever seen, proportional to the amount of anticipation? I vividly remember the buildup, the heartfelt endorsement by my favorite author, Ray Bradbury (on TV, not in print), huge write-ups in national magazines, and many details of that awful evening at the drive-in when my friend's mother took me and her youngest daughter and son to sit through an interminable succession of dramatically-rendered scenes amounting to a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. My friend's little brother, a little older than the main boy in the movie, mercifully had the good sense and good luck to sleep through part of it but the rest of us just sat stunned and staring, hoping that it would eventually come together and amount to a meaningful narrative, as our hopes slowly deflated and our spirits were dashed and downcast though stopping short of crushed. We were at least momentarily amused by the little ball of light following the larger craft. I've never had the patience to sit through it since but when I have caught parts on TV the scenes I see have that same irritating, exasperating effect. The boy smashing the doll against the crib is nails on a blackboard Chinese water torture, and one of the few fairly brilliant moments--the director knew just when to have the father intervene before the audience totally lost its last shreds of patience and sanity.
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The film that came to my mind immediately was Battle Royale 2. The original was a fresh, push-the-envelope, movie that I rated 5 stars. It easily makes my various "top movies" lists. However, the sequel was not just bad, but excruciatingly bad. Completely unwatchable. I think the director died a third of the way into making it, and whoever took over the reins created an abomination. One of the few films I've rated 0 stars.

I bought the Alien Quadrilogy boxset a few years ago, having only watched the first two (which are great movies). I had heard there was a drop-off in quality with movies 3 and 4, but I figured it was worth buying the set to get them all together and all the bonus features. The 3rd one wasn't that great, but passable enough for a movie night. However, the 4th one was so bad I couldn't believe it got green-lit. After watching it, I actually threw that DVD in the trash, so it would no longer contaminate the rest of my very enjoyable Alien boxset. Terrible, terrible movie.

I generally avoid sequels unless the word-of-mouth lends me to believe they are worthy of the franchise. That's why I've never seen The Matrix sequels. Or Highlander 2. Or Dumb and Dumber 2. Or (take your pick).


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Discuss and vote.

Rocky (1976) - Very good and patently the one with the most heart and honesty. That being said, I'm not sure this is Oscar worthy.
Rocky II (1979) - Don't remember much about this one.
Rocky III (1982) - Fun but things are starting to get a little silly now.
Rocky IV (1985) - A bloated fart of a mid 80's blockbuster. Nothing but dumb fun all the way.
Rocky V (1990) - Not good but a necessary step back from the nonsense of the last one.
Rocky Balboa (2006) - A decent effort after such a long gap. Not bad.
Creed (2015) - This was surprisingly okay.

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
Wishmaster 3 (The story with the angel of Michael coming to the aid of the girl)
Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift (Wow! just bad, Peejoe as a teen, but the at least cars were the best part of the movie.)
Matrix sequel movies (WTH was that ending? and between the movies and game I was a little confused.)
Ghoulies 3 (The other movies were bad, really bad.)
Hitcher 2 (Interesting, but it was never said if Busey was suppose to be Hauers kid.)
2002 Maniacs (What were they thinking? 2001 with Englund was great.)
Evil Dead 2 (I wish they would just get the backstory straight.)
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (First 3 weren't bad. Here's hoping 5 is better.)
Leprechaun movies (Yep they're bad, and yet I found myself watching the marathon on St. Patty's Day)
More American Graffiti (Everyone wanted it to be like the first, but it was nice to see the cast grown up.)
X-Men 3 (Phoenix, but not the phoenix like the comics. Captain Picard facepalm on this on.)
Shock Treatment (RHPS 2, still trying to figure this one out.)
Human Centipede 2 (Don't watch it at all! Watch South Parks version & you'll get the idea.)
Xtro 2 (Changed it up a little.)
Oblivion 2 (Story was pretty bad)
Blade sequels (Just keep getting worst)
Computer wore tennis shoes 1995 (How does a human get a computer virus?)


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Evil Dead 2 (I wish they would just get the backstory straight.)
Raimi said the reason they did that was because they didn't have the rights to the first movie, since they were doing it with a different studio. Hence the reshooting of the story, leaving out everyone but Ash and Linda. I still love that film. I agree with the rest of your list, though.


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:emoji_relaxed: ~ I luv both versions of Jesus Christ Super Star. I watched the 2000 version more since I have that dvd.



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I saw the Australian arena version in the 1990's filled with a cast of rock and pop stars. It was pretty spectacular. Don't think I've ever managed to see a stage version of this.