Fun Your Last Meal...


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Had a wonderful dinner with a friend @ Red Lobster. Cup of clam chowder, garlic biscuits,
3 entrees were: pasta w/a lovely light lobster sauce; crab cakes; skewered broiled shrimp.
A refreshing cocktail was a well received drink, as I was thirsty. Was a great meal ! !


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I had a late breakfast, which was a sausage, egg and cheese croissant that I picked up when I got gas (petrol) before going to the mechanic. Just now I had a piece of leftover sausage pizza. If I'm still hungry, I might go make up a ramen cup, unless the wife wakes up and wants to go out. But for now, I might just take a nap.


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:emoji_relaxed:~ For my lunch today at home was hotdogs with potato chips with a soda to wash it down.

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