Review Not Another ****ing Remake?!?

Doctor Omega

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“Back to the Future” Tops Remake Poll


Talk of a “Back to the Future” remake raises its head every now and then, and this week it happened again. THR teamed with survey company Morning Consult to ask people which franchise they would most like to see return in one form or another – be it another sequel or a reboot.

Easily topping the list was “Back to the Future,” the popular time travel film series which starred Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd and has been dormant since the third film in 1990. That comes ahead of the next nearest answers including “Toy Story” (69%), “Indiana Jones” (68%) and “Jurassic Park” (67%). That’s also far ahead of current box-office juggernauts like “Star Wars” (63%) and “Avengers” (57%).

Of course, the “Back to the Future” trilogy remake won’t happen as, unlike some other franchises, director Robert Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale need to give their permission for any further films to go ahead and Zemeckis’ previous comments have suggested he’s adamant that won’t happen – saying even if the pair are dead their estates will fight to stop any potential remake or reboot.