Fun What TV Shows Are You Watching/Rewatching at the Moment?

Doctor Omega

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It is indeed on blu-ray. They have really done wonders with the picture and the earlier shows have never looked better. And I am still trying to convince myself that I like Pulaski but her picking on Data pointlessly still grates. :emoji_alien:

Lots of great special features too, including retrospective documentaries, deleted scenes, such as Scotty and Deanna having a nice scene together, plus all the footage that was filmed of the actor who originally played the villain in THE MOST TOYS, before he shot himself in real life.


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Who was that then, Doc? Who shot himself? And was he playing Kivas Fajo or someone else? I didn't know anything about that at all!

Doctor Omega

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Quite a few anime titles.

Also engaged in rewatches of Classic Doctor Who stories. Just finished REVELATION OF THE DALEKS this morning.

Also started working my way through the QUATERMASS saga. Every tv story and film.

Doctor Omega

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Just finished a rewatch of REVELATION OF THE DALEKS with Colin Baker as the Doctor.

Found a lot of the first episode a bit pointless and thought that this could have been easily chopped down into a fifty minute story.

Last gasp of a confident show before it's last few compromised years (reduction in episodes, shifted around the schedules etc.)


Doctor Omega

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Please use this thread to recommend a current show that you think people might be missing out on and that doesn't seem to have a thread on this site.

Or just start a thread of your own for it on this "TV Reviews" board. :emoji_robot: