Fun What TV Shows Are You Watching/Rewatching at the Moment?

Doctor Omega

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Just what it says....

Your memories of watching television over the years....

Funny, sad, happy, nostalgic - or crazily trivial!

Share your anecdotes here.....

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Classic is great of course but there's some interesting recent ones that are cool.
League of Gentlemen;
Inside no.9;
Lead Balloon;
Black Books.
Any fans out there?

Doctor Omega

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Yes, I watched that too. A friend of mine went to see the League of Gentlemen stageshow and met Gatis and Shearsmith afterwards, getting his photo taken with them. They were great guys he said.

High Plains Drifter

The Drifter
This can be from any Reality Tv Show that has the funniest show topics. Have fun with it. Haven't you ever just stop flipping and go who comes up with these things?

I laugh when I hear Maury go "She's back for the 6th time. Are you the father of her twins?"


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The first two seasons are great. Season three is pretty weak, and the ending will just piss you off. But still one of the better vampire shows out there. You can tell it was an inspiration for ANGEL, so that's pretty awesome.


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Anyone watching this? - starring Sam Riley and Kate Bosworth.

I decided to skip it as I've literarily just finished watching "The man in the high castle" and this is another show set in alternative reality where the Nazis won. Too similar for me right now.

If anyone is watching it though, let me know if it's worth a look.


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Extremely British Muslims.

Muslims looking for partners. The men are all westernised but still want a wife to cook and clean. One guy even wants his potential wife to stay in the other room when he has friends round. Interesting stuff.


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First post thought i'd start by listing all the shows i'm watching on tv right now.

The Expanse
The Last Kingdom
The Americans
Hand Of God
The Handmaid's Tale
Outcast Season 2
Fargo Season 3
Better Call Saul Season 3
Wentworth Season 5
iZombie Season 3
Silicon Valley Season 4
Archer Season 8

Shows that I just finished recently

Black Sails Season 4
Taboo Season 1
Sneaky Pete Season 1
Walking Dead
The Path
It's always Sunny In Philadelphia

Shows i'm looking forward to
Twin Peaks
American Gods
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